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In the Amazon rainforest of Peru, we found an aromatic treasure known as black copal. This magical resin, originating from one of the greatest energy centers on the planet, has captivated not only local communities but also aromatherapy and spirituality lovers around the world. We invite you to discover the richness of Amazonian black copal, its use in incense and aromatherapy, as well as its journey from the Peruvian Amazonian forests to markets around the world.
Amazonian black copal is a solid vegetable resin that comes from the copal tree, it has been historically used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies, considered as a means of connection with the divine. This resin, with its earthy aroma and balsamic notes, has earned a reputation as an aromatic gem.

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What is copal used for?


The main use is to be used as incense, it can be burned on charcoal discs or in a resin burner to create a dense smoke that can be used for purification, protection and grounding.
Smoke has a profound effect on the energy of a physical space and is perfect for use during meditation or other spiritual practices and rituals.
Black copal resin is a key ingredient in the manufacture of incense and cones. When burned, it releases rich fragrances that fill the air with a sense of purification and spiritual connection. Black copal incenses are valued for their ability to create a sacred environment during meditative practices, spiritual ceremonies and energetic cleansing rituals.
More benefits are attributed to this incense such as: calming, increasing motivation, stimulating concentration, decreasing insomnia, combating headaches, increasing creativity and promoting general well-being.

Copal is used by local communities to provide light at night, in places where electric light does not yet reach, it is a source of light for Amazonian communities and ethnic groups such as the Achuar.

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The collection of black copal marketed by our company follows principles of sustainability to help preserve the Amazon forests. The collectors of the ACHUAR ethnic group have a deep respect for nature, practice methods that allow the regeneration of the trees and guarantee the long-term preservation of this valuable resin. This commitment to sustainability reflects the harmonious connection between the local Achuar communities and their natural environment.
Amazonian black copal has transcended borders, reaching international markets where its unique fragrance and spiritual properties have gained many followers. The export of this aromatic resin allows the whole world to experience the essence and aroma of the Amazon rainforest, carrying with it the purifying and revitalizing energy. Currently our customers in Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Dubai enjoy the benefits of this mystical resin.



Munay ki Peru Sac is a family business created in 2014 in Lima, Peru. Our life experience led us through the Andean Amazonian spiritual path, to the practice and use of different holistic and mystical products of this energetic area of our planet. We seek to offer the best products being always in direct contact with the producers themselves, only in this way we can ensure excellent quality, originality and sustainability in the resources we offer.
In the case of copal, we are associated with ACHUAR communities in Iquitos – Peru, they work this noble product in a sustainable way, we take advantage of the resins that produce living trees, which preserve the quality and energy needed for meditation, initiation and mystical practices around the world. We do not depredate, we support reforestation initiatives and responsible use of resources, we only work with trees inventoried in forest management plans and of legal origin. We promote the sustainable use of Amazonian copal by developing value-added products that allow the integral use of our valuable and exotic resource. We are the best option in black copal supply.









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